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Welcome New Members

by VivienneAS, 353 days ago

Welcome to Arcanas Sanctum!

You've made an awesome decision and we're happy to have you as apart of our family. :)

First and foremost, go ahead and get registered with the website here as we often post important Guild stuff here. You can bypass the application process if you're already a member, see an Officer for a bypass code. 

Keep an eye on the Message of the Day and the Calendar for new events, we try and post them there and on Facebook to keep everyone informed.

We spend a lot of time hanging out in Mumble. The download and login mumble info can be found on the website here. Please use your toons name for logging in.

Our Guild Rules can be seen here.

If you need anything see an Officer or either of the GM's Vivienne or Mooshie, we're here to help!


Mission Statement
We are a growing Horde guild, providing opportunity for our members of diverse skill levels  to progress in raid, and participate socially in the Warcraft environment.

Vision Statement
We will be known…
By our members… as a Guild of choice providing an environment that fosters:
· Having Fun
· Integrity
· Teamwork
· Progression through raid content
· Mutual respect
· Sustainability
· Freedom to make decisions and mistakes
· Pride
· Loyalty
· Creativity
· Straightforward communication
· Accountability
· Equal Opportunities for participation

By our Peers... as a first choice in Guild membership and a friend in the community.

By our Realm(s)… as leaders in:
· Fair play
· activities
· effort
· Giving back to our communities.

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